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Fun Guy

The Fun Guy lighting collection is full of whimsy and poetic undertones. 

Drawing on the forms and luminescent colouring of wild mushrooms and fungi, the six piece offering celebrates growth, transformation, and the magic that can be found in even the darkest of moments.

Reassuringly chunky aluminium stems are capped with handcrafted stained glass shades that surprise and delight with their ever changing interplay of light and colour. A labour of love, each shade is made up of 32 pieces of glass, all meticulously cut, foiled, and soldered by hand and available in a range of tones and finishes to suit your space.

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Fun Guy Wall Sconce

Amethyst Deceiver

From $1,045.00

Fun Guy Wall Sconce

Snow Ear

From $1,045.00

Fun Guy Wall Sconce

Parrot Waxcap

From $1,045.00

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