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Frangere Studio is a playful reflection of the charms and pitfalls of life by designer and maker Carina Webb. A quiet introspection and accumulation of observations is explored through an ongoing curiosity towards material, processes and the narratives they create.

The first lighting collection, Fun Guy, is a testament to this. Drawing on the forms and luminescent colouring of wild mushrooms and fungi, the six piece offering celebrates growth, transformation, and the magic that can be found in even the darkest of moments. One such magic was discovered through the practice of stained glass work, featured in the form of handcrafted glass shades that surprise and delight with their ever-changing interplay of light and colour.
An undeniable pull towards the material and process, along with the poetic resonance that was felt whilst transforming “broken” pieces of glass into new and wonderful creations, is what inspired the new body of work and studio's name. Frangere, Latin for “to break”, is about embracing the things that break us, using those moments as a stepping stone to look at the world anew, with a mix of candid humour and playfulness thrown in.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, each piece is meticulously crafted by hand in Carina’s home studio and workshop, with the help of local suppliers and manufacturers.